In this section you will find some answers to the most frequently asked questions about your IVAO account.

For any clarification, contact us.

  • My account has become inactive and I can no longer connect to IVAO

Inactive accounts. after 3 months without connection to the IVAO network, the system automatically deactivates your account. Your account status is visible here on the right side of the tab. If the “status” is inactive, clicking the “click here to reactivate” button will automatically reactivate your account. After nine months of inactivity, the Membership Department will contact you to reactivate it. If you do not respond within 90 days, your account will be deleted.

  • IVAN password and website password, what is the difference?

IVAO passwords. When registering with IVAO.aero, the system will provide you with a VID (your registration number) and two passwords called website password and IVAN password. The IVAN password must be used when you connect to the IVaC network through IVaC, AURORA, or IVaP, ALTITUDE, while the website password must be used when you want to access online services on the headquarters website or on the division’s website (visit, schedule, training request, etc.)

  • When I try to connect, I get the error message “no such VID / password”

Connection issues. in this case, check your account status as suggested above. If the account is active, check that you have entered your password correctly, paying attention to the case sensitivity. Remember that to connect to IVAP and IVAC where to use the IVAN password

  • How can I recover my passwords or generate new ones?

Password Reminder. To recover your account passwords, you can go here. The system will send the IVAO access passwords to the email address you provided during registration. To generate new passwords, follow the procedure described above, but remember to check the “generate new password” box

  • I changed my email address, how can I update my profile?

Change the email address. In case you have changed your email address after registering with IVAO, you can go here and click on “change my details” at the bottom of the page.

  • Is it possible to change the division?

Division change. To make the division change, you must contact the Membership Department at the venue, who will verify that at least one year has passed since any previous change. Only after acceptance by the receiving location will the location change be made by the location’s Membership Department.